About Snowblower

Snowblower is Ottawa’s health and wellness festival for guys into guys. It is a fun, sexy, interactive, informative 5-day festival in March (7th-11th) that aims to bring gay men’s overall wellness to the forefront as well as a way to pass by the dreary winter season. Proudly celebrating men’s sexuality in a sex-positive and inclusive way, Snowblower is the brightest 5 days of winter!



Snowblower has been held annually since 2007. Since the beginnings of the festival the event and is celebrated as a major community event. The festival is proudly hosted by the AIDS Committee of Ottawa.

Snowblower began as a response to have more community events that cater to gay, bi, trans, and two-spirit guy’s holistic health and wellbeing during the winter months. Snowblower aims to deliver a diverse range of activities that allow men to share, explore and socialize.

This year, the festival is happening in March.


About the AIDS Committee of Ottawa, Organizers of the Snowblower Festival

The AIDS Committee of Ottawa (ACO) provides support, prevention, education and outreach services from an integrated, anti-racism, anti-oppression social justice framework that promotes the holistic well-being of those living with, affected by, impacted by, and at risk of HIV/AIDS in Ottawa. The AIDS Committee of Ottawa has been serving the community since 1985.


Event Schedule



March 7


  • 5pm-8pm:
    Snowblower Community
    Clothing Swap

    (Pressed Cafe,
    750 Gladstone Ave)
  • 6pm-8pm:
    K1: Keeping it 100!
    (251 Bank St)


March 8


  • 6:30pm-8:30pm:
    Behind the Scene:
    Meth and Sex

    (251 Bank St)


March 9


  • 5pm-7pm:
    Speed Friending
    (251 Bank St)


March 10


  • 11am-2pm:
    Curling Extravaganza

    (Rideau Curling Club,
    715 Cooper St)
  • 11pm-2am:
    Magnet Party:
    The Sex You Want

    (Rideau Curling Club,
    715 Cooper St)


March 11


  • 11am-1pm:
    CHOMP: Brunch
    (AIDS Committee of Ottawa, 19 Main St)


Land Acknowledgement

The AIDS Committee of Ottawa acknowledges and honours that Snowblower 2018, and as well as previous Snowblower celebrations, are held on unceded Algonquin Territory.