Totally outRIGHT Ottawa will run from
September 16, 17, 23, 24, 2017

Registration for Totally outRIGHT Ottawa 2017 is now open.
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For more information on Totally outRIGHT Ottawa, please feel free to contact Ben.

What is Totally outRIGHT Ottawa?

Totally outRIGHT Ottawa is a free, 30-hour leadership program for gay, bi, two-spirit, queer and other guys who are into guys, whether cis or trans (GBT2Q) ages 19-29, interested in meeting other guys, learning more about their sexual health and overall wellbeing, and connecting with community leaders and health professionals. Over two weekends, participants can expect to engage in a series of workshops, presentations, and interactive learning activities, to engage the wider issues and concerns of their communities.

Feeback from our participants:

“Totally outRIGHT Ottawa has improved my knowledge base, self-image and self-esteem and helped me with my academic research. It has given me a more nuanced perspective on the gay community and made me want to participate more fully in gay men’s sexual health”

“I really appreciated the extensive steps taken to have inclusion for persons with disabilities. Everyone went above and beyond the standard liberal notions of accommodation. This course really changed my life and perspective in a positive way, and I am deeply glad that places like the AIDS Committee of Ottawa exist because it means that there is a place for people like me in the non-governmental sector.”

“Totally outRIGHT Ottawa has opened my thoughts on certain subjects, sex education, and beyond, which will help me with further volunteering and in my career”

“The program created a safe space to talk about how you felt without the fear of judgment”

“It was a great way to meet new people and allowed for a lot of self-discovery”

What happens at Totally outRIGHT Ottawa?

Over four weekends, participants have the opportunity to meet other guys through a number of interactive activities and workshops. The program also supports the development of knowledge and skills related to:

  • HIV and STI transmission, testing, treatment, and prevention
  • Accessing health care in Ottawa
  • Mental health
  • Self-awareness, self-expression, sexual identity, and ‘coming out’
  • Relationships
  • Body image
  • Community activism

Who is Totally outRIGHT Ottawa for?

Totally outRIGHT Ottawa is for young gay, bi, two-spirit, queer and other guys who are into guys, whether cis or trans (GBT2Q) in the Ottawa area.

Where does Totally outRIGHT Ottawa take place?

Totally outRIGHT Ottawa will take place at the AIDS Committee of Ottawa on the 17 and 18 and MAX Ottawa for the weekend of the 23, 24. The spaces are wheelchair accessible and have all-gender and wheelchair accessible washrooms. OC Transpo tickets will also be made available to cover transportation costs.

When does Totally outRIGHT Ottawa take place?

Totally outRIGHT Ottawa 2017 will run on September 16, 17, 23, 24. The program runs from 10am-5pm, which includes lunch and breaks.

What do participants get out of Totally outRIGHT Ottawa?

Participants of Totally outRIGHT Ottawa have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other gay, bi, and queer guys
  • Network and learn from community leaders
  • Gain a greater understanding of local queer history
  • Become better acquainted with local organizations and community partners
  • Receive updates on job postings, peer worker positions, volunteer opportunities, advisory committee positions
  • Receive regular updates on opportunities to engage through events, festivals, workshops, or conferences

Is there a cost for Totally outRIGHT Ottawa?

Totally outRIGHT Ottawa is provided to participants completely free of charge, including lunches and snacks during the program. We also offer OC Transpo tickets to cover transportation costs.

Since the first Totally outRIGHT was held in Vancouver in 2005, the program has successfully run in Toronto ,Winnipeg, and the Peel Region